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Concept Design & Illustration

Hi guys, I'm a professional artist and I'm here to make your dreams a reality. It's pretty awesome.

Here's how I do it:

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Creating compelling places and locations with a solid understanding of what separates a "good" concept from a "great" one. Strong knowledge of color theory and composition combined to convey concepts and ideas through breathtaking visuals using advanced industry-standard painting & compositing techniques.


Fun, expressive & imaginative characters brought to life through meticulous planning and detailed rendering. Strong emphasis on anthropomorphic creatures!

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© MylaFox Productions

Visual Storytelling

Characters skillfully complemented by scenery and props to create an authentic and living atmosphere, with focus on efficiency and less clutter. Subtle hints at a character's history are told by deliberate yet simplistic design choices. This means less distractions and more effective storytelling to keep your audience engaged.

I'm eager to help tell your story.

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